What nature has to offer truly does not have its equal. The spacious reserve offers Kudu, Impala, Springbok, Giraffe, Nyala, Waterbuck, Zebra, Ostrich, Blue wildebeest, Blesbok and duiker who roam freely on this exclusive wildlife reserve

Our game drives are a must! A single dedicated 4×4 on the reserve provides exclusitivity to the biodiversity of the terrain including a natural watercourse of lakes hosting indigenous ducks and birdlife to the multitude of game within the Koppies and savannah plains

Further unsurpassed views include sunsets from the Koppies where we take our guests to “The Lookout” being a beautiful spot with a panoramic view whilst enjoying a wonderful “sunset puza”

This all is what makes Ma Tala Tala unique and part of an unforgettable experience.